A summery winter in Rome. San Giovanni, a summery winter morning – I try to figure out my day while having breakfast in Caffè Castellino in San Giovanni: a good cappuccino and a delicious croissant “cotto al forno”: the difference is in the pastry, and the taste.

The terrace is still a bit cold, but the sun is up, ready to warm my thoughts and soul.How to move to Circo Massimo? Roman buses are not reliable, cabs don’t stop. I try to download Uber app but I forgot my apple ID, this can be a problem: no ID no cab. Anyway, via della Navicella is a very good way to reach Circo Massimo, which is around the corner: an amazing expense of green. I walk happily.The sun after a grey English summer, the sun after 10 raining days in Rome, the sun. On my right, La mano di Cicerone, a very interesting Spaniard façade which hides the church of Saint Anastasia – Rome: a mystery in every corner.

Together with a friend, we decide to sit on high, wooden chairs in Antico caffè di S. Anastasia’s  Terrace: can’t believe I’m having a glass of excellent Franciacorta accompanied by avocado and porchetta, while wearing short sleeves! It was one of those moments when you ask yourself: why one would want to leave far from here? Nearby, the church of Velabro reminds me of the mafia attack of 1993… In a few minutes I’m in front of the Mouth of Truth; fortunately no tourists around. What a pleasure to visit during the lockdown.

The church displays San Valentine’s skull and a quite unexpected crypte downstairs. We reach the top of the hill, a beautiful Aventino with its Giardino degli Aranci which offers an unique vue of the city, and the possibility to peep into the lock of Malta Knights: San Peter in the blink of an eye.


Credits: Zelda

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