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About Zelda

Zelda is a cute, restless, gray cat who likes to write and take pictures of what strikes her. She was born in Prague, in Zlatá Ulička, many years ago; like all cats she wasn’t born because of love – it is well known that relationships between cats happen because of rape – and this is what makes cats wise: not to believing in love, but does love really exist? and what is it? Zelda is a restless cat because she thinks it does. The curse for those who don’t give up to believe in it is everlasting youth.

So since then, she has travelled around searching for her home, because home is where love is. In doing so, she experienced many kinds of love, and changed many homes. Her restless soul is quite unique. The cats she met taught her that love is suffering, violence, possessiveness, lust, oppression, weakness, not forever, never happiness.

This is why Zelda falls in love with places instead: lovely streets, best bakeries, fashion shops, beautiful gardens. But is the cat really such a big individualist? In order to make you happy, Zelda must be happy, so her individualism is philanthropic.

Actually, the cat is the most democratic animal in the world: there are no masters in its society. It has the right of choosing the best places and food and be master of its time without exploiting someone else, it reminds you that if you’re rich and you don’t have time or forget about essential things, you’re not rich at all.

Zelda is also fond of music and the sea, as Camus said “Seul la musique est à la hauteur de la mer”, and like Wilde, she thinks that “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.

When she finds home, she will be sitting beside her log fire, that warm place where there is no harm, reading and talking about books and films and everything inspires her mind. She is still struggling for this.

Currently she’s moving from Paris to London, though perhaps none of them will be her final destination. Let’s enter the world through her cat’s eyes, maybe we can help her, maybe we can help ourselves. This blog is for everyone who is still looking for what they want and maybe need few road signs.

 Zelda enjoys to write and can write for you stories, articles and speeches, have a look at her LinkedIn and Instagram page, she is also a good photographer and short films maker, see the channel section as well. Lessons, translations and guide tours (English, French, Italian) are also available. You can contact her on socials or at matmoore80@icloud.com. If you enjoy her artistic job, you can also donate in the “donate” section.


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