This post is on the venue and not the artists, especially because they change every week. Cromwell Place, a new hub for contemporary art, brave enough to open during lockdown. A unique space, made up of 14 galleries and a very elegant private club.

Here, Cromwell, Bernard Show and many others gave birth to their thoughts and ideas.

The Cromwell House is located just in front of the French Institute, in South Kensington, not far from the Natural History Museum.

Cromwell House is a fine example of mixed architectures, influenced by Inigo Jones, in particular for the 7 windows frontage.

At the entrance, two big neo-classical mirrors and a stunning oak staircase. The rooms are connected through wooden corridors and large glass walls, which open on typical English roofs and buildings. Rooms’ size ranges between standard and very big, and are decorated with elegant fireplaces.

Cosy tables and chairs are positioned in the biggest galleries, to welcome visitors’ talks. Look forwards to seeing the Lavatory rooms and the attic restored! Exhibtions are free.

Credits: Zelda





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